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[SUGGESTION] Weapon names STEP 2 - contributing names

We are going to change some weapon names in Xonotic. At this point, we're not sure exactly which weapon names will change. It depends on how many good ideas are brought up.

For this renaming process, we want brainstorming ideas from the community with a 3 step process.

1. Brainstorm words
2. Contribute weapon names
3. Vote

This is Step 2

There are basically three styles of weapon names (that I can think of)

1. Acronyms like HLAC (which is a bad acronym example, but anyway...)
2. Technical descriptive name like "assault rifle" or "railgun" which often get shortened during conversation to things like "rail"
3. Made up names with no meaning (like 'nex' and 'electro') which may be based on real words

Step 2 of this brainstorming process will involve contributing names for weapons that people would later vote on in step 3. You can refer to the Step 1 thread for words that can be used in the weapon names

Note: This is NOT where you vote for other people's name ideas. That is step 3 and I will create another thread for that.

If you want to discuss ideas more thoroughly about the weapon names, then go to the Weapon Names: General discussion thread. Don't try to hold discussions on this Step 2 thread.

I will occasionally update this first post with the full list of names from within this thread.


I'll start this off with.....

Copy and paste this into your post and enter your name ideas next to each weapon. Feel free to post multiple name ideas for each weapon. Consider names that are somewhat more futuristic in nature, as that will be the artistic direction of Xonotic. If you don't like one or more of the weapons, just keep in mind that some of the newer weapons will likely change, or maybe even be replaced over time. Just help with names for them anyway.

Laser -
Shotgun -
Uzi / Machinegun -
Mortar / Grenade launcher -
Crylink -
Electro -
Hagar -
Rocket launcher -
Nex gun -
Fireball -
Camping rifle -

Ill update this post as I get ideas to avoid (further) spamming this topic.

Laser -Pulse Blaster (maybe, still not feeling this one)
Shotgun - Street Sweeper
Uzi / Machinegun -
Mortar / Grenade launcher -Pinball Launcher (feels right)
Crylink -Splash Cannon (kinda sounds OK and describes the weapon function)
Electro - Tesla Detonator (A fusion of Sepelio and Vael's ideas)
Hagar -RRPGL or RRPG (Rapid Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher, a modification of Eruvasion's idea)
Rocket launcher -
Nex gun -
Fireball -
Camping rifle -Precision Rifle (sounds OK, but not very creative)

Laser - Dranus
Shotgun - Spread cannon
Uzi / Machinegun - Repeater
Mortar / Grenade launcher - Drak Launcher
Crylink - Rizor
Electro - Shocker
Hagar - Kirag
Rocket launcher - Rocket Launcher
Nex gun - Xonotic Channeler
Fireball - Plasmosis launcher
Camping rifle - Snipe

Meh, terrible, but at least i tried :p

p.s. sorry for lack of step one words...hastily posted

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*Will update* So far:

Laser -
Shotgun - Nitron (The greekname for nitrogen, gives that "gunpowdery feel, oh shit run1!" to it. Easy and lovable name to.)
Uzi / Machinegun -
Mortar / Grenade launcher -
Crylink -
Electro -
Hagar -
Rocket launcher -
Nex gun - Nullifier (Well, thats what it does. Doesn't feel complete though)
Fireball -
Camping rifle - "The PR-1" (Modifikation of Lee_stricklins suggestion. Also the number can just increase as new versions are made)

Laser - Pulsar Cannon (or Pulsar)
Shotgun - Shredder
Uzi / Machinegun -
Mortar / Grenade launcher -
Crylink - RAG (Reflective Array Gun)
Electro -
Hagar - RML (Rapid Missile Launcher)
Rocket launcher -
Nex gun -
Fireball - Plasma Cannon
Camping rifle - Tactical Rifle

Got some ideas

Hagar: RRPGL or RRPG (Rapid Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher, a modification of Eruvasion's idea)
Crylink: Splash Cannon (kinda sounds OK and describes the weapon function)

Random firearms generator It produces some weird names, but there are also some cool ones that could be used, if for nothing else, for inspiration.

Laser - Meteor
Shotgun - Uranium shrapnel cannon, Assault cannon
Uzi / Machinegun -
Mortar / Grenade launcher - Ultramortar
Crylink -
Electro - Electrocutioner
Hagar -
Rocket launcher -
Nex gun - Multi-load Magnetizer, Thunder Shooter, Psi Rifle
Fireball -
Camping rifle - Kinetic Tearer, Kinetic Piercer, Rapid-fire Piercer (since it can fire through glass and can also fire rapidly)

Some of the useless ones Tongue
Vibroobliterator, Long-range Turbodisintegrator, Multi-load Cyberbazooka, Crowd Control Beam Magnum, Single-shot Hydrobazooka.

Fireball - PHOENIX
[Image: 788.png]

nex - eclipser
crylink - spraypulse
mortar - DOG - Dynamic Offensive Grenadier
Machinegun - FROG - Fast Recoil (Reload?) Offensive Gun - i like such acronyms Smile
<Halogene> ok "n1" means "nice one"
<Halogene> "gl" means "good luck"
<Halogene> "fu" means "wow that was wickedly nice that frag"
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(03-26-2010, 08:32 AM)kuniu the frogg Wrote: nex - eclipser
crylink - spraypulse
mortar - DOG - Dynamic Offensive Grenadier
Machinegun - FROG - Fast Recoil Offensive Gun - i like such acronyms Smile

I really like the DOG and FROG ones! Smile
Nex - Eagle Eye
Crylink - Bubbles
Üdvözlettel / Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best regards:

[Image: 34581.png]
[Image: 14909.jpg]

Laser - Quantised Energy Weapon (its a laser that fires bolts)
Shotgun - Shotgun. Its a faffing shotgun. (although I liked Lamoots Uranium Shrapnel Cannon). Others include Assault, Battle or Strike shotgun.
Uzi / Machinegun - The Spray n Pray, Combat Rifle
Mortar / Grenade launcher - Parabolic Explosive Launcher
Crylink - Energy Butcher, Death Catalyst, Molecular Dissociator
Electro - Plasma Detonator, Plasma Gun, Plasma Blaster
Hagar - Decimator, Hellfire
Rocket launcher - Guided Projectile Launcher, The Diplomat
Nex gun - Electromagnetic Accelerator Cannon
HLAC - Suppressor, Inhbitor
Fireball - RASH gun - Really Awesome Super Hot
Camping rifle - Tactical Penetrator Rifle, Kinetic Penetrator Rifle, Silent Death

Laser - Pulse Gun , Enhanced Pulse Gun (EPG),
Shotgun - Boom Stick , Scattergun , Scatter Blaster , Skatterblast
Uzi / Machinegun - GPMG (General Purpose Machine Gun)
Mortar / Grenade launcher - EEL (easter egg launcher) , Concussion Grenade Launcher
Crylink - Plasma Energy Assault Rifle AKA Pea Shooter , Phlak , Plasma Flak Rifle
Electro - Plasma Orb Projectile Gun aka Pop Gun, Plasmo
hagar - Intimidator , Hailfire , Old Smokey
Rocket Launcher - Guided Missile Launcher
Nex - GR8 Rifle , Rapid Energy Accelerator Pulse Rifle (REAPR) , Rapid Accelerating Pulse Energy Rifle (RAPER)
HLAC - REAP - Rapid Energy Assault Pistol
Fireball - Hellfire Flame Thower , Hades Fireballer
Camping rifle - Smorz Gun , Camping Projectile Rifle (CPR) , Kinetic Energy Accelerator Projectile Rifle (KEAPR),
Kinetic Accelerator Magnetic Projectile Rifle (KAMPR) , Kinetic Antiarmor Magnetic Projectile Rifle (KAMPR)

rocket launcher - DRUM - Decent Radius Utility Missile
<Halogene> ok "n1" means "nice one"
<Halogene> "gl" means "good luck"
<Halogene> "fu" means "wow that was wickedly nice that frag"
Frogg on Instagram

Laser -
Shotgun -
Uzi / Machinegun - Assault Rifle
Mortar / Grenade launcher - Mortar
Crylink - Crylink <- I always liked the name
Electro - Electro
hagar - Rocket Spammer, SpamBoy
Rocket Launcher -
Nex - Null Pointer Smile, Xon, Xon/Xoff Device,
HLAC - REAP - Rapid Energy Assault Pistol <- nice one, but do we really want to keep that one? Big Grin
Camping rifle -

BTW. Except the Nex name, do we really want to change other names?

Laser - Blaster

Just a brainstorm here:
Laser -Energy Thruster (ET) gives a mental picture of pushing, like off the ground or wall to gain speed or thrusting a knife if a melee weapon were to be implemented
Shotgun -Spreader,
Uzi / Machinegun -Nailer,
Mortar / Grenade launcher -Lobber, Grenadier, Shell Launcher
Crylink -Fusion Spreader,Pulsewidth
Electro -Fusion Cannon, or Plasma Cannon, or Berserker
Hagar -Missle Pod, or R.A.E. (Rapid Automatic Explosives), Flak Cannon
Rocket launcher -Remote Detonated Missile (RDM), or Heavy Cannon, or Xon Cannon
Nex gun -X Gun, or Xonotic Incinerator, or Xonotic Vaporizor, or Beam Accelerator, or Energy Precision(Percussion?) Rifle (E.P.R), or Gleam Rifle(Gleamer?), Dead-shot
HLAC -Homing Missiles, or Laser Guided Missiles, Tracker, Seeker
Fireball -Inferno, or Heat Rifle, Thermal Gun,
Camping rifle -Penetrator, Impaler

(03-26-2010, 03:04 PM)Z22 Wrote: HLAC -Homing Missiles, or Laser Guided Missiles, Tracker, Seeker

I think your confusing the HLAC with the Tag seeker
The HLAC (Heavy Laser Assault Cannon) shoots red lazers

Laser - M.F.G. (My Favorite Gun), Plinker, Pea Shooter, Pea Plinker, Third Arm, Bouncer, Boost, Boost Blaster, Power Pointer, LARGE (Laser Amplified Rage Gunning Equipment)
Shotgun - Spread Blaster, Spread Gun, Grape Gun (reference to grape shot),
Uzi / Machinegun - H.S.R. (High Speed Repeater), Smoothbore Chaingun, Vulcan, Rotary Cannon
Mortar / Grenade launcher - Pineapple Express
Crylink - Corner Gun, Crowd Control
Electro - Zapper, Tesla
Hagar - Spammer, Unnecessary, G.O.O.M.Y. (Get out of my way),
Rocket launcher - Wire Guided Explosive Device,
Nex gun - XE9 (Xonotic Enterprises) Rail Driver, Useless, Xon
HLAC - Repeating Plasma Rifle, Repeating Blaster
Fireball - F.I.G. (Freaking Insane Gun), Vulcan's Breath, Ignis, Torch, Scorcher
Camping rifle - XE12 (Xonotic Enterprises) Projectile Accelerator, Slugger, SlugHead
This is my laser, this is my gun,
This is for plinking, this is for FUN!

BrFJ: wtf with the jumpad
BrFJ: rofl
vael: oh, you'll wtf with the... a few more times don't worry

[Image: badge.png]

laser should the BST... "bouncy shooty thing"

Laser - Phaser
Nex gun - Sublimation Rifle (sublimation is where something goes directly from a solid to a gas Smile)
Fireball - Inferno Cannon

Also I don't think we really need a name change for the shotgun or rocket launcher Undecided
[Image: 370.png] AKA [~] John Smith on Nexuiz

electro = xstatic

nex = dug (depleated uranium gun)

hagar= mower

rocket = a2a (air to ass)

shotgun = doublepumper



Laser - Packetised Electron Weapon Mk 3 (PEW-3)
Shotgun - Shotgun
Uzi / Machinegun - SMG
Mortar / Grenade launcher - XL-41 "Sweeper" Tactical Grenade Launcher
Crylink - XP-45 Wide-Area Pion Projector
Electro - P-3 "Fluxx" Packetised Pion Gun
Hagar - KR-54 "Viking" Explosive Projectile Gun
Rocket launcher - SCRE-1 "Scurry" Signal Controlled Rocket Explosive
Nex gun - KS-23 "Trepanator" High-Powered Laser Rifle
HLAC - XR-12 Directed Energy Assault Rifle
Fireball - FR-6 "Dragon" Plasma Incendiary Gun
Camping rifle - XX-1 "Shell" Quantum Portal Generator

Laser - Laser (why change a good thing? Wouldn't want to call "laser-jumping" anything else)
Shotgun -
Uzi / Machinegun - Suppressor (function of machine guns is to lay "suppressive" fire)
Mortar / Grenade launcher - Grenadier
Crylink - Supersoaker XD
Electro - Stormlauncher (secondary-primary combo looks like plasma storm idk) Tongue
Hagar -
Rocket launcher -
Nex gun - Nix (for the phoenix logo, and it's barely a name change)
Fireball -
Camping rifle - X1 Carbine (X for xonotic instead of M)
[Image: panzersig.png]

Laser - Energy Pistol
Shotgun - Area Cannon
Uzi / Machinegun - Chain-fed Repeater
Mortar / Grenade launcher - Mortar
Crylink - BGA (Bio Gel Accelerator)
Electro - Energy Condenser
Hagar - Machine RPG
Rocket launcher - Rocket Launcher
Nex gun - LRCE (Long range channeled emitter)
HLAC - Gatling Laser
Fireball - Incendiary Launcher
Camping rifle - MultiShot Rifle
Parents of young organic life forms are warned that towels can be harmful, if swallowed in large quantities.

Laser - ai Gun
Shotgun - Ouch Gun
Uzi / Machinegun - Fun Gun
Mortar / Grenade launcher - My Gun
Crylink - What Gun
Electro - Oh no Gun
Hagar - Unfair Gun
Rocket launcher - Big Bro Gun
Nex gun - Ptschyyyy
HLAC - Corn Gun
Fireball - Flakes Gun
Camping rifle - Paradise Gun
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