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Inspiration for maps (Warning: lots of images)

(04-27-2011, 12:41 AM)Dokujisan Wrote:
(04-26-2011, 06:18 AM)emrys merlin Wrote: Like the intensity pic, the shopping malls, the subway, elevator, cathedral church. Buildings are boring. skyscrapers are not that awesome unless u really make it ridiculously tall like in minecraft. I like the idea of a vacuum with nothing but just low gravity.

Well, many of the pics above are buildings because those are the most common examples available when looking through futuristic architecture, but you don't have to use the ideas as buildings. They are just patterns and shapes. You can invert them and think of them as rooms, or "unwrap" them and think of them as columns or walls.

That's what I mean about "Don't take these images literally".

I kinda see what u mean, but actually i was talking about the environment textures, not the stuff inside. Thanks anyways

By the way how do you make a map?
O YEA theres a game called mars explorer. Every map (with buildings and textures) in it fits in well with the game, just need minimizing. ( i think)
Check it out
E=mc ^ 2 only applies to rest bodies. The one we should be using is E=mc^2 √1 - v^2/c^2 Smile

[Image: 1.jpg]
[Image: 2.jpg]
[Image: 3.jpg]
[Image: 4.jpg]
[Image: 5.jpg]
[Image: 2.jpg]
[Image: 1.jpg]
[Image: 6ezne9.jpg]
[Image: 01_Final_Shot_01.jpg]

[Image: wsw00021.jpg]

It is posible to achieve this level of quality in xonotic.

also, as long as we are posting images from other games
[Image: Image11.jpg]
[Image: section_8_prejudice_8.jpg]
[Image: con_des01caveceiling01-1024x766.jpg]
[Image: CON_Arc02LoadingScreens1.jpg]
[Image: DUST514_WB_CommandPit.jpg]
Master of mysterious geometries

Imgur Gallery

Hey can we do one on "Battle LA"? Like with a massive base and buildings and cars on fire.. it'll be kinda cool
E=mc ^ 2 only applies to rest bodies. The one we should be using is E=mc^2 √1 - v^2/c^2 Smile

Master of mysterious geometries

Imgur Gallery

(05-12-2011, 03:25 PM)theShadow Wrote:

Uh..... What does that have to do with map?
E=mc ^ 2 only applies to rest bodies. The one we should be using is E=mc^2 √1 - v^2/c^2 Smile

they are for inspiration, just like everything in this topic.
Master of mysterious geometries

Imgur Gallery

O like towers n stuff?
E=mc ^ 2 only applies to rest bodies. The one we should be using is E=mc^2 √1 - v^2/c^2 Smile

[Image: anime-183317.jpeg]

is this thread dead now?
bye / bad luck and have boredom

>File name: anime-183317.jpeg
I wonder wtf anime is this from.


(01-12-2012, 07:25 PM)noobermin Wrote: is this thread dead now?

Lets give this thread some life






Lets bring some new stuff in here: (mostly found on deviantart)
[Image: nio_guardian_by_korbox-d3fpwif.jpg]
[Image: the_alley_shops_by_korbox-d4dcme4.jpg]
[Image: kabe_city_inside_by_korbox-d4dy4c5.jpg]
[Image: distant_amber_by_korbox-d4hso2d.jpg]

This would look pretty good as a skybox Tongue
[Image: wallpaper-440498.jpg]
[Image: wallpaper-1901593.jpg]
[Image: URBIS_by_Wetbanana.jpg]
[Image: Other_Worlds_by_RudolfHerczog.jpg]
[Image: 92e7dfdebe73caa5b5f92f7320e94fb9.jpg]
[Image: Watching_the_suns_go_down_by_priteeboy.jpg]
[Image: Spirit_World_by_RudolfHerczog.jpg]
[Image: ell_phion_by_raelsatu-d2yc869.jpg]
[Image: URS01_in_hangar_by_arsenixc.jpg]
[Image: 4e1a92d3e996e6aba35c7ca1926b3b34-d2rl1pi.jpg]
[Image: worth_enough__by_radoxist-d17lyf5.jpg]
[Image: Traffic_by_RudolfHerczog.jpg]
[Image: Homeworld_Ordalla_by_z_design.jpg]
[Image: Future_World_2_by_RudolfHerczog.jpg]
[Image: the_cosmic_odyssey_by_arsdraw-d2pdxpl.jpg]
[Image: journey_of_the_atreidae_by_fmacmanus-d4bn35r.png]
[Image: the_rule_of_law_by_arsdraw-d46bosa.jpg]
[Image: the_newcomers_by_angelitoon-d41iyj1.jpg]
[Image: Interurban_by_JacobCharlesDietz.jpg]
[Image: through_the_psionic_storm_p1_by_fmacmanus-d3u99zz.png]
[Image: 50f7f22459bd4abf82315b054170973e.jpg]
[Image: frontier__the_customs_by_alexwild-d2lrhf1.jpg]
[Image: The_Cell_by_RudolfHerczog.jpg][Image: futuristic_by_heretyczkaa-d4a7tpf.jpg]
[Image: Portal_by_arsenixc.jpg]
[Image: Futuristic_Library_by_gregmks.jpg]
[Image: the_futuristic_labyrinth_by_commandereve-d4p6kyw.jpg]
[Image: futuristic_cities_tutorial_by_neisbeis.jpg]
[Image: 83e6f32eafa6a5a70e0c7f4e605afd18.jpg]
[Image: futuristic_city_by_damirsan-d3gex76.jpg]
[Image: Futuristic_Landscape_by_ushio18.jpg]
[Image: 3828d833ad969227.jpg]
[Image: wallpaper-46672.jpg]


[Image: YdbEE.png]

Some images taken from:

[Image: NS2_Biosphere_Hive_Room_800x409.jpg]
[Image: NS2_Refinery_Hallway_800x420.jpg]
[Image: SkulkinVent_800x450.jpg]
[Image: envconcept02_800x434.jpg]
[Image: envconcept04_800x516.jpg]
[Image: envconcept05_800x535.jpg]
[Image: envconcept06_800x441.jpg]
[Image: envconcept07_800x572.jpg]
[Image: envconcept08_800x448.jpg]
[Image: envconcept09_800x447.jpg]
[Image: envconcept11_800x413.jpg]
[Image: hiveconcept.jpg]


[Image: il_fullxfull.328805759.jpg]

(06-28-2015, 01:37 AM)Ogger73 Wrote: [Image: il_fullxfull.328805759.jpg]

That already looks like Lolicity.
[MoFo] Servers - North America - Hosted in Montreal Canada - Admin DeadDred [MoFo]

(06-29-2015, 05:22 PM)end user Wrote: That already looks like Lolicity.

This thing?

[Image: nexuiz20121009100423-00.jpg]

Maybe playstyle is similar. I don't know, doesn't make Ted Nugent's Stranglehold pop into my head like the fisher price model does though Smile

Whoooa, what images !!!! I can take some inspiration. There's already a map based on the 2° image Idea? 'Cause I think that by this one we can extrapolate a beautiful one !

(03-20-2010, 02:42 AM)Dokujisan Wrote: The idea is for everyone to post images here that may inspire ideas for new maps.

Perhaps these could spawn some ideas with layout and architectural style.
[... a lot of images (see original post)]

Whoooa, what images !!!! I can take some inspiration. There's already a map based on the 2° image Idea? 'Cause I think that by this one we can extrapolate a beautiful one !

Moderator notice: I removed the images from the quote as that made the totally bloated thread even more bloated and hard to tell where the post actually ends.
[Image: 69200.png]

here is a cool use for portals in xonotic
this guy built a engine and that had portals and used  it to create an illusion of  a non euclidean world.
heres the
some map have seamless portals these portal can be used to achieve the same thing in the video.
you might be able to create the penrose stairs.
[Image: ?][Image: 389-Relativity-1953-Lithographm.jpg]
their was this instagib map were if you went high enough the would would turn up side down and you would be on the ceiling.
this could be applied to this behemoth!

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