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[SOLVED] Have problem in game

I see that table over the gun. close review and play poorly

and often on the servers instead of skins players I see diamonds, colored. and I would ask those with whom I play. they see the same thing. version of the game downloaded from your site

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these 'diamonds' show that there are missing models.

with what version do you play? it sounds that your version is just outdated.
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It seems like you have to edit your hud. Go to "player setup" in the multiplayermenu and change that.

Both your problems are pretty easy to fix:

1. You can get that big thing that is messing up your fov away by going ingame go: Multyplayer/PlayerSetup/HUDEditor. There simply click the big thing and press delete.

2. You have no playermodels in multyplayer because your version of Xonotic is out-updated. You should download the autobuild, you can find the tread in the forums under General, it's called something like automatic updatescrips for autobuild (sry, no links with my phone Tongue).

1. You are repeating me! lol

2. This one:

thx all

1. Not repeating, just explaining in clear language Tongue

2. Thanx for the link!

Yes, sorry for my bad English! And "thanks" with "ks" not "x"! Tongue


I am posting from my phone Wink

And your English isn't bad, but "change that" is not a clear explanation Tongue

P.S. ThanKS

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