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The best game of all time

i just discovered Hell Tetris - or Tetris Hell, as some call it - and i love it. Heart

Try it for yourself:

(There is another version, but this one has highscores!)
4m038105 - Be the change.

OMG! It´s really the Hell of Tetris! Big Grin

[Image: w3ba0ys1l3tuhtg7g5wj.jpg]

One block before failure Big Grin

lol Tetris hell indeed. That reminds me, you should also check out this Tetris game:

Big Grin
I'm sure devs didn't even developped any row removing procedure... pffff.....

I've scored 25 Big Grin
I'm making Liblast - a FOSS online FPS game made with Godot 4 and a 100% open-source toolchain

How did U do that ?

I did my best Big Grin
Now I made 27! Big Grin
I'm making Liblast - a FOSS online FPS game made with Godot 4 and a 100% open-source toolchain

I GOT 22

I got 24!!!!!

1st place - Unfa (27 points)
2nd place -Master[mind] (24 points)
3rd place -Chooksta (22 tpoints)

Congratulations, Unfa!
You are leading with 3 points of advantage. Good job, mate!

26 several times but couldn't break it Sad
[Image: SavageFinal-1.jpg]


Attached Files
.jpg   hell_tetris.jpg (Size: 39.29 KB / Downloads: 97)

I can imagine you siting for 10 hours and trying to score those god damn 28 points. Big Grin

LOL Justin, you're really naughy! Tongue

If I wanted to be so naughy I'd point out that you can just check the name "Massimo" in the game rankings to see my scores. Big Grin
Ciao Smile

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