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[Duel] Mint (was: [Duel] Unnamed WIP map)

No description for now


[Image: OMfRcNo.jpg]

Screenshot looks interesting. I will host a Duel Cup with Zenith soon btw! Smile

I traversed map and the overal layout seems a bit tight to me. Nice structural work (as in Fe26, Zenith, Departure). Map could use some space cause right now It's very closed, feels like there is no air to breathe.
I must say I like your way with structures and architecture but I think Fe26 is much better in this matter then this one. Sleepy

Good luck with the map!

Despite the layout being relatively enclosed and tight, I like it a lot.
While some rooms need to be a bit more open (space wise), a few of them seem ok so far. Also, the connection between the different levels is very nice Wink
(Going with a bit bigger scale cant be wrong in this case)

The overall layout seems good, some adjustments are needed though IMO:
[Image: ext15305.png]

[Image: ext15306.png]

[Image: ext15307.png]

one week later...

Thanks for the replies!
Here is a new version, I made some rooms more spacious. Most of the things pointed by Debugger are changed. The purpose of that blue area is "punish" (is an annoying place) the player who falls trying to reach the armor. I don't know if it is a good idea but that is the purpose.


A video of me running around (Am I slow?):


(10-06-2013, 06:51 PM)Mirio Wrote: Screenshot looks interesting. I will host a Duel Cup with Zenith soon btw! Smile
Thanks! Will you use the autobuild version? Should I make a release or something?

@Debugger: I have a test map lying around. You guessed all the colors. Coincidence?

[Image: 5vA8dMQ.jpg]
[Image: WedaX0v.jpg]

Yes I will take the latest version on autobuild. Smile

Hi. I have been using Netradiant occasionally.


[Image: okvoKfx.jpg]
[Image: jc6n8ao.jpg]
[Image: 9a0p3dU.jpg]
[Image: yDkrDIC.jpg]

Quite a lot of z-fights going on near one 50 armor:

Got some invisible clips laying around in the sky above rocket/50hp room:

It's possible to get up in the pipe above mega hp:

Looks futuristic and nice - need to upload it to server ...

GreetZ Su


I did a couple of changes to the map.

- Fixed the z-fights.
- Fixed the pipe.

(07-27-2015, 11:13 AM)Smilecythe Wrote: Got some invisible clips laying around in the sky above rocket/50hp room:

That box with cylinders is the skybox. Anyway, I changed its location.

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