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[SOLVED] Not displayed sky texture

Hello. I make a map. In Quake 3 sky texture is displayed correctly. In Xonotic sky texture is not displayed. The sky is solid black. This is my first map. I was looking for similar topics in the forum and on Wiki, but I found none. Tell me what am I doing wrong?
my map

Didn't download/try your map yet, but the 6 visible skybox faces must be valid skybox shaders(skies/exomorph is a good one). Q3A might have different shaders for skies, try using Xonotic skyboxes instead of Q3A ones.

There is a custom map for Quake 3 - Derwyll's Castle 2. In Xonotic on this map the sky texture work right. I am using a shader and textures from this map in my map, but sky texture does not work. I do not know what the problem is. Could you give me an example of a sky shader for Xonotic?

Xonotic does not come with the Quake 3 textures, so you have to include the sky textures (and all other non-Xonotic textures) into the "textures" folder of the pk3.

Xonotics textures can be found in ~\xonotic\data\xonotic-xxxxxx-maps.pk3

All textures used on the map custom and are included in the archive.
I do not know what I'm doing wrong.

[Image: CAeTr1g.jpg]

First of all: Welcome to the forums!

Now, it should be noted that the engine Xonotic uses (Darkplaces) is working quite differently in many ways than idTech3 (Quake 3 and Live).

The main reason why your skyshader (and others too) does not work, is probably that you forgot to add the name of your shaderfile (here "nor3ctf1") to the "shaderlist.txt" file in "data/scripts/".

There are also some others issues I noticed while inspecting your pk3 which won't work in Xonotic:
  • Levelshots are not stored in "levelshots" but in the "maps" folder with the same name as the map. E.g. your CTF map: "maps/ctf_orange.tga"
  • "*.aas" files are not used. Are those bot waypoints? If so, you have to create them ingame (Type in the console "apropos waypointeditor" to find out more. Basically use "g_waypointeditor 1" to edit waypoints, then "g_waypointeditor_spawn" to add waypoints, "g_waypointeditor_remove" to remove, and finally "g_waypointeditor_saveall" to save them. Then you still have to move the two waypointfiles ("*.waypoints" and "*.waypoints.cache") from "data/data/maps/" to "data/maps/".)
  • "*.arena" files are not used. I suspect they define the description and gamemodes of your map? Then you should use a "*.mapinfo" file. They are autogenerated (if none exists) at each start of Xonotic in "data/data/autogenerated/" and already contain most of the possible arguments. First move it to your "data/maps/" folder and then modify it to your needs.
  • In your shaderfile you used the key "fogParms". That is not supported in Xonotic as far as I know. Also be aware that you do not have to struggle with those nasty GL_BLABLUB keywords, you can use abbreviations like "filter", "blend" and "add". See the shadermanual for more information:

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