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[SOLVED] [SOLVED] Weapon - Machine Gun inconsistent fire rate

Hi there.

I am using Windows Vista and Xonotic 0.1 Preview version. I use it primarily on a single player mode the one without any network.

The weapon I liked most is the Machine Gun because it looked much modern by its sharp edge that looks solid/compact and less physical design. The problem is the fire rate is inconsistent. Sometimes It's fine sometimes it's not. I am pretty sure it's not my system because it is the only application opened. I had a good system to run other fps games.

1. Am i only one experiencing it on single player without any network connection? Is it only my computer?
2. Does LAN and internet based gameplay experiencing it?
3. Any fix aside from update (step by step please..)

Thank you.


The preview version is old as dirt, extremely dated. While technically not stable, you should be using the autobuilds. Here's the link to those.

You ahould defenitely get that version, it also has a way bigger singleplayer and you have got more maps there, some new models, and it's just much better balanced.

And about the mg. It just should work fine, I don't know of any problems with it. But you should try much more weapons, the mg is defenitely not the best weapon, it is easy to handle, but other weapons like the rocket launcher and the nex are much more powerfull. (And don't pick weapons for how they look, just try them all, and what works best, not what looks best!)

Nex/Mortar combo for the win! Tongue

(08-30-2011, 03:57 PM)Maddin Wrote: Nex/Mortar combo for the win! Tongue

Electro for anybody stupid enough to run after me, hagar for when I get trigger happy. Crylink if you think hiding behind a corner is going to save you... I love the weapon balance in this game, almost no redundancy like Quake, and more variety than Unreal Tournament, more strategies than either one of those games.

For me, it very much depends on the map. If I play on stormkeep for example, I just want the hagar Big Grin

And on mentalspace I want to RL for rocketflying (I started with that after watching your interview, chooksta, it indeed is awesome), and pulling people of the map of course.

But mostly the nex/mortar combo indeed is the best, but that's not something to start with. That asks quite a lot of experience. But I don't really like it, since everyone uses that, so I'm trying different ways to kill. Like running arount with the hagar with four bullets loaded Wink And if you hold your right mouse button, you can switch to, for example the nex, you will see your crosshair change (and the nex will charge!), but you still hold your hagar, if you then release your right mouse button, you shoot that four buttons, and then you can directly shoot a charged nex!
Or use the electro secondary to confuse your enemy and finish him with the mg.
Or just slapping arount with the shotgun Tongue is also very powerfull.

The Nex/Shotgun combo is also very powerful: Shoot your enemy with the Nex and finish him with one shot of your shotgun! Tongue The main rule to use a combo is to use a weapon which has an high accuracy and the second weapon with a wide-spread/splash damage shot.

Off topic much? Tongue

Uhm..... Yes Smile

But I don't really think that there is still a problem, so who cares.

But is you have any questions left, emydale, feel free to ask them!

Thanks Lee_Stricklin and Mepper.

I use the latest build ("") from "" with login credentials as "username=xonotic" and "password=g-23".
And it is okay now.
The autobuild are too slow to download for me. I use firefox with downthemall addons.



What password?

I heard more people people about this, but where the hell would I need a password for, I didn't need one. (Or at least can't remember it Wink)

Or you doing strange things or am I really stupid? (I guess it's the last Big Grin)

The autobuild script uses rsync to update so you only need to download the whole Xonotic once. You'll waste more traffic downloading full zips every day.
chooksta Wrote:640t ought to be enuf for antibody
- microsoft windows


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