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Xonotic Pro Mode

And here it is: Official movie: "Xonotic Pro Mode" and awesome runnning!

Great thanks to Chooksta for his music, good job, mate!
What do You think, guys>?

Also: don't forget to watch it in HD, for better quality!

Nice runs Justio and congrats on the movie, enjoyed watching.

Great running, Justin. Watching your movies is really inspiring to play more defrag Big Grin
and the music is just... t

(otally awesome Smile )


awesome job!



Thank You, guys! I hope this video will keep a live XPM (somehow)
Also I want to add that its not over yet, You can expect more. Wink

If somebody wants me to make a video for him send me mail or write pm.


Very cool, awesome job on video editing, running and music!
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I still don't get how you can move so fast, it looks like you move the same as I do, but for some reason you're faster, way faster, it's scary!


Nice video, this really makes me miss our dear race server. I hope a new one will come!

I find this very amusing Smile

I think this is definitely marketing material for the game

Nice one Justin.
When I see you running, I often say to myself that my brain is just not cabled to execute such things...

About using this for promotion, the overall quality is indeed very good.
Except 3rd person views.

I must agree with Rage, 3rd person views always look ridiculous in Nexuiz/Xonotic. I think if you want this video as promotion maferial, you should simply remove the parts with 3rd person view.
But the rest of the video would be perfect.

A lot of textures are missing on the maps, you really need to try fix that (You can try find the textures, which is what I used too do).

Also, I think you can use better recording settings, as I can see some ghosting due to the motionblur settings. Speak to me about this as I have it quite fixed for my video. Smile
The colours also seem quite washed out, you should try to correct this in your video editor.
[Image: 542.png]

#deathmatchers @


It is great Justin, Cool effects. I miss race mode. Thank you for that video, a candy for my brain Smile

(08-22-2011, 08:27 AM)Leeloo Wrote: It is great Justin, Cool effects. I miss race mode. Thank you for that video, a candy for my brain Smile

Long time no play XPM since the server down. Glad to see this!

I made a cts map:]

What do You guys think the level of difficuly is? 6/10? 7/10?

To exec XPM physics type in console: exec physicsXPM.cfg

Well, the map looks good ingame but as a mapper I had a look at the map-file and it´s not very tidy, no caulk... etc.

I always fail just right after the beginning and fall down. Very annoying. Undecided I would rate it 10/10, but I´m not the best one concerning trickjumps and such things.

(09-01-2011, 07:13 AM)Maddin Wrote: I always fail just right after the beginning and fall down. Very annoying. Undecided
Welcome to race mode! Tongue

Now Im making the harder version cause this one is too easy Smile


Xonotic Pro Mode is back

Server: [CTS] XPM physics

The server runs XPM physics and we are modifying the weapon balance to make weapons usefull again.

Hope you will enjoy it Big Grin.

Also join
#xonotic.xpm and @ quakenet

I already played it nice server!

But I do still suck in racing Tongue

Exactly how are you modifying the weapon balance..? The weapon maps tend to be broken, mainly because you can just cheat a lot of the maps as they don't work properly. The weapons were already in the process of being modified so that they would be compatible with the q3 maps (as best as possible), and give them the degree of difficulty they should have, before the weapons were too strong and it made the maps far too easy.

Have you spoken to FruitieX about this?

Also, why was a new channel made, when #xpm already exists?
[Image: 542.png]

#deathmatchers @


Indeed, xonotic.XonoticProMode is a little redundant Tongue

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