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[SOLVED] Slower weapon switching in latest autobuild?

Played a local match with bots recently using the latest version of the autobuilds (30.05.2013) and noticed a significantly longer time to wait for switching the weapon after shooting with one. It feels like Quake 3 actually were the time between weapon switches are way longer, especially after shooting with the Nex/Railgun.

Is this an illusion or a fact? Huh

It's only for Nex and wanted - a balance change.

Yes the switch delay on the Nex has been increased in the name of balance. Your options are to either deal with it™, run a server with settings you like, or convince someone else to.

Xonotic 0.6
g_balance_weaponswitchdelay is "0.2" ["0.2"]

Xonotic auto build
cvar g_balance_nex_switchdelay_drop is "0.3" ["0.3"] custom cvar
cvar g_balance_nex_switchdelay_raise is "0.3" ["0.3"] custom cvar

You can look up other settings using apropos via console or by going to settings > misc. > advanced settings and run a search from there *switchdelay* *delay* etc.
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<Samual_> no
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Thank you for the information! Smile

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