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Exclamation Development Tracker Down
Posted by: Antibody - 01-17-2013, 09:27 PM - Forum: Xonotic - News - Replies (7)

Hi all,

As you may have noticed already, the development tracker is down. We took it down intentionally to protect ourselves from a serious security flaw in the tracker's underlying web framework (RoR). The rest of the team and I are working to bring it back up as soon as we can. Stay tuned here for updates.

-AB and the rest of the Xon team

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  Official Xonotic DEFRAG Mod Clarification
Posted by: Samual - 01-14-2013, 01:29 PM - Forum: Xonotic - News - Replies (31)

So I thought I cleared this issue up at least a few times in the past, but it appears not well enough... the issue still persists and it is driving me crazy. Let me nail this one home as best as possible:

We have OFFICIALLY renamed what was previously "XPM" (Xonotic Pro-Mode) designed as a Race/CTS mod to "XDF" (Xonotic DeFrag)-- You are NOT to refer to it as XPM, that is now a proper competitive mod. You are also not to refer to it as: CTS, Xonotic Race, or any other such terms-- CTS and Race are game modes which are not exclusively part of XDF.

Again, XDF and XPM are separate mods. They are not game modes, they are configurations.

The configs have been renamed, as well as given a proper mod name in the serverlist. To activate XDF on your server, simply execute defaultXDF.cfg in your server config. You must update your servers to use these new configs, and you must stop referring to your servers as any of the incorrect things listed above. I will give some time to correct these mistakes, but servers which persist in this will be dealt with appropriately. (like this one)

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  Duel Mapping Contest Results
Posted by: Antibody - 12-23-2012, 08:32 PM - Forum: Xonotic - News - Replies (5)

On behalf of the Xonotic community I’d like to congratulate cityy on winning our first ever duel mapping competition! His map Fuse took home the top honors for its impressive combination of gameplay, originality, and presentation. Cityy takes home the grand prize of a brand-spanking new Sapphire HD 7750 video card for his efforts. Enjoy your spoils, cityy!

The competition for the top spot was fierce, but in the end everyone wins - we now have eleven new maps for our fragging enjoyment! Here’s a survey of the field:

This community is lucky to have so many talented and creative individuals! I’d like to thank every mapper who took part in this competition. You should all be proud of your creations.

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  XonStat Records Its 100,000th Game!
Posted by: Antibody - 12-18-2012, 06:49 PM - Forum: Xonotic - News - Replies (11)

XonStat records its 100,000th game!

It has been just over a year since XonStat recorded its first game. We’ve come a long way since those humble beginnings, so I’m very happy to announce that we recorded our 100,000th game this week! This wouldn’t have been possible without the help of server administrators from all over the world, not to mention the constant support and feedback from the players in this community.

Since it is nearing the end of 2012, I’d like to reflect back on how much progress we’ve made with stats this past year. Here are a few tidbits that I find interesting.

First of all, players are playing more games. In January the average player played 13.87 games. This past November the average player played 16.49 games (a 19% increase). I’d like to think that this is because of our welcoming community. Every time I go online, I see new people being encouraged and coached by the veterans out there. Thanks go to all of you folks helping the new people learn how to move efficiently, bend their rockets, and laser jump. You are training a new generation of pwners!

Secondly, more people are playing in each game. The average number of players per game was 3.83 in January. In November that number jumped up to 4.82 (a 26% increase). I think this reflects the popularity of our CTF and DM servers, though duel still remains quite popular.

As a side note, there was a surge in TDM games after the competitive community announced the Nation’s Cup. A measly 9 TDM games were played in January, while November saw 170 games played. TDM mode seems to be a favorite amongst the competitive players wanting a bit more action than a duel, but with similar strategies.

We also had many more servers report in during the month of November (22) than we did in January (8). The features added to stats throughout the year paired with the new setup FAQ really helped to speed things along. It’s not uncommon to get a server up and running with stats in under ten minutes these days!

Finally, we’re seeing more overall games now than we have at any other point during the year. Back in January we recorded just over 2,000 games, while November saw a whopping 10,000! What’s more is that those games came from just 22 out of the 78 servers active on our master server list. As more servers join the stats-enabled pool, that upward trend will only increase.

It’s been a whirlwind of a year, and it has been a lot of fun! As we roll into 2013, let’s keep those servers hopping! Happy fragging, and here’s to the next 100,000 games.

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  Halogene's Newbie Corner - Part 4: The Core Weapons
Posted by: Halogene - 12-18-2012, 05:02 PM - Forum: Xonotic - News - Replies (8)

[Image: newbie-corner-banner2-800x239.png]

Now that I've bored everyone to death with nifty movement tricks, let's have a look at what everyone is keen on getting its hands on when it comes to first person shooters:

[Image: WEAPONS-500x187.png]

In this blog post I'll explain the functions of the core weapons.

[Image: Laser2-500x250.png]

I already explained the laser as versatile movement tool in Part 2 of my Newbie Corner. Apart from moving yourself around, you can also use it for juggling around other players, irritating annyoing campers or generally messing with other people's movement. Pushing people around or forcing a prolonged bunny hop can be especially effective on space maps. Unless shooting at sitting ducks (such as campers), you might want to aim at your target's feet to make use of its splash damage, as the laser projectile needs some time to travel even though it is rather fast, thus aiming directly at moving targets can be rather tricky.

The laser does not eat any ammo. Secondary fire will switch to the previously used weapon.

[Image: Shotgun2-500x250.png]

The shotgun is your second spawn weapon. Primary fire is very powerful in close combat and, due to the bullets' spread and being insta hit, a useful finishing weapon at medium range. Note that the push force of primary fire will slow down targets moving towards you, which can be very effective on space maps at spots where players are supposed to touch down from distant jump pads. If you shoot them with shotgun while they are still flying, they probably won't make it to their usual landing spot.

The secondary fire mode allows you to swing the shotgun like a big trout and to slap other players, which is, apart from dealing rather lots of damage, very much fun to do.

[Image: MG2-500x250.png]

The machine gun's primary fire has a high spread, so it's useful mostly in close to medium range. Secondary fire has lower spread and shoots small bursts, which is more useful at medium to longer ranges. As the machine gun projectiles have a little push force and are fired rapidly, it can be quite useful for slowing down players that come at you at high speeds. In fact, it's hard to get into slapping range of someone that has a steady aim as long as such player is firing the machine gun.

You'll notice a ring around your crosshair that shows the depleting ammo. Once it is empty, the machine gun automatically reloads. To avoid running around with a couple of bullets only and having to reload in the middle of a battle (which takes far too much time), you can reload the machine gun manually at a convenient time by using the "reload" bind that you can set up or by re-pressing the machine gun bind while already wielding the machine gun.

[Image: Mortar2-500x250.png]

The mortar fires ballistic grenades which deal a lot of direct and splash damage in addition to pushing the player away from the impact. Whereas primary fire detonates upon impact, secondary fire detonates exactly 0.5 seconds after the first bounce of the grenade. With this knowledge you can time the detonation of secondary mortar. Mortar is a very effective weapon against any non-flying targets and to spam around corners.

[Image: Electro2-500x250.png]

The electro primary behaves like an ordinary rocket launcher as you might know it from other games. However, it's not really useful for doing high jumps. The secondary fire mode looks like some ordinary sluggish grenade like balls, but has a not so obvious special function: if you detonate the up to three blobs the secondary fire mode can release with primary fire, they will explode with a big WOOOSH that deals a lot of direct and splash damage (up to 130 dmg!). This makes the electro especially useful for blocking entries, releasing upon several opponents that are busy fighting each other or spamming where you predict someone to come.

[Image: Crylink2-500x250.png]

The crylink has a couple of very non-obvious features, which makes this weapon rather interesting and unique. First of all, getting hit by crylink particles will slow you down very much, no matter of the direction you're moving in in relation to the firing player. Even if you move at insane speeds, getting hit by several crylink particles at once will make you perform a full stop. This makes the crylink very popular amongst defending CTF players, as you can really annoy fast flag runners with it provided you manage to hit them.

The latter can, however, be quite tricky, given the high spread crylink primary has. Fortunately, crylink has another feature that is very unlikely to be discovered unless someone tells you about it: when you release primary fire, the spread of crylink primary will inverse. Let that sink in for a moment.

"When you release primary fire, the spread of crylink primary will inverse"

Got it? This means that if you press the primary fire button, the particles will get fired with a certain spread. As long as you keep the primary fire button pressed, the spread will stay constant. Once you release it, the spread inverses, which means all particles traverse a single spot. Now the trick is to time the release so that all particles hit the opponent, or at least are NEAR to the opponent. Why to be at least near the opponent? Because once ONE crylink particle of a shot detonates (i.e. hits a player), ALL of them detonate. And crylink does most of its damage per splash damage.

Crylink secondary does not have the spread inversion feature. As of the autobuild version (which many servers already use), crylink secondary will not bounce, but also slow down and moderately damage other players. Players within a certain range of the particles' explosion will get dragged towards it, so you can also use that to move players around a bit. In Xonotic's official 0.6 release, the crylink secondary is a rapid fire of low spread, one-time bouncing and very low damage particles which proved to be of little use given the high ammo cost and low damage.

[Image: Nex2-500x250.png]

In the hands of a player with a good aim the nex is probably the most powerful weapon in the entire game. It fires a single beam with zero spread that will instantly hit anything in its way and will even shoot through other players. You'll notice a small ring around the crosshair when holding the nex in your hands. If the ring is full, the nex is charged (and also starts to glow red). Charging happens automatically once you hold the weapon, and it does not cost any ammo. Upon firing, the nex obviously discharges and starts to recharge unless you switch to another weapon (what you should do, but more about weapon combos in the next issue). If charged, the nex deals 90 dmg, if uncharged, it deals 70 dmg.

Secondary fire only zooms in, as the weapon is strong enough as it is even without a secondary fire mode (in before balance flame war Wink).

[Image: hagar2-500x250.png]

The hagar rapidly fires small rockets with a high spread. By holding secondary you can load up to 4 rockets that you can fire simultaneously by releasing secondary fire. If you hold secondary fire too long, hagar will make a little beep and automatically release the loaded rockets so you can't run around the map and just keeping hagar loaded all the time until you find someone. Unloading hagar secondary can deal a lot of damage at close range, however you'll need to watch out not to get killed yourself by the splash damage it does. Otherwise the high spread makes this weapon most usefull against opponents standing next to a wall so the rockets that miss will at least do splash damage. On most competitive servers you'll be able to discharge the hagar secondary without firing the rockets by pressing primary again while still holding secondary.

[Image: Rocket2-500x250.png]

The rocket launcher also has some very interesting features that are not very typical for this kind of weapon. First of all you can use the secondary fire to immediately detonate remotely any rocket you fired (provided of course it is still flying). No need to hit a flying target directly, just get the rocket near and, BAM, there you go. Apart from the high splash damage, the explosion also deals quite a lot of push force, so if you want to push some flying player off the map, rocket launcher is your weapon of choice as you can not only push players away from you (push direction obviously depends on the explosion's position in relation to the player).

But not enough, you can of course also use the rocket launcher to push YOURSELF around. If you happen to be flying and need some extra acceleration but there is no wall near to laser yourself off, just shoot a rocket downwards and immediately detonate it. Yes, it hurts. A lot. But it might be worth it, be it to push you back onto the map if you are falling into the void or to prolong a laser jump so you manage to reach a distant location. This technique is called "rocket flying".

You think I'm already done with the rocket launcher? Not yet! In addition to this already very useful feature to remotely detonate your rockets you can also GUIDE the rockets. Just keeping the primary fire button pressed and moving the mouse enables you to do some interesting stuff which can come in very handy in all sorts of situations.

Of course you can combine rocket guiding and remote detonation.

That's it, I hope to have been able to provide some insight into the functions of the core weapon set. For a more comprehensive overview of all the weapons that are available in the game and basically a general introduction to Xonotic see the basic basics thread on the Xonotic forums, which also gets updated every now and then. In the next issue of this newbie corner I'll be providing general weapon usage and probably some additional gameplay hints. So long, stay tuned and have fun!

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  Halogene's Newbie Corner - Part 3: Ramp Jumping
Posted by: Halogene - 11-12-2012, 11:41 AM - Forum: Xonotic - News - Replies (6)

[Image: newbie-corner-banner2-800x239.png]

Yay it’s time again for a new episode of my newbie tutorials! Today I’ll show you a very useful movement trick:

[Image: RampJumping2.png]

Ramps are sloped surfaces that can be used for extra upwards boost when doing a jump. If done properly, you can get to places you would not be able to reach without using a jump pad or the laser (see the previous part covering laser jumps), while not making any suspicious noises nor loosing any health. This makes ramp jumps especially useful in duels or 2v2 tdm matches and generally extends your movement options in all game modes. Ramp jumps are also very much fun to do, so let’s get started.

In my “live” newbie tutorials, I always demonstrate the ramp jump on this spot on the map Xoylent, as it’s rather easy to master and you get the idea how it actually works:

[Image: Xoylent-ramp1.final_1.png]

To do a ramp jump, you simply jump onto the sloped surface and jump again. Of course you can keep the jump button pressed for convenience, as with bunny hopping you will automatically jump again when hitting the sloped surface. Now this sounds awfully easy to do, and it wouldn’t be a proper challenge to master if that was all you got to do, would it. So let’s have a close look at how this actually works.

The easiest way to make a ramp jump boost you up high is to approach the ramp frontally (see figure below), not sideways or parallelly (unless of course you’re doing a strafe turn jump upwards the ramp, but hey this is a newbie guide!). See below what I mean with “approach the ramp frontally”:

[Image: rampjumping-easy.hard_.final_.jpg]

Make sure that you hit the ramp at a flat angle (seen from the side, as in the image below). If possible, try to hit it when still going upwards from your previous jump. If you’re already on your way down from the previous jump when you hit the ramp, the angle at which you hit it will be steeper – if the angle is too steep or even 90 degree you’ll get slowed down and the ramp won’t give you the desired upwards boost.

[Image: rampjumping-angle.final_.png]

The faster you are, the higher you will get. Ramp jumps that require a higher than walking speed to do are especially tricky, since you will need to bunny hop onto them and time your jumps so you hit the ramp at a good angle. In some cases, you’ll be able to ramp jump onto another ramp, which will result in a double ramp jump.

You will find ramps on a lot of maps, if you look for them. Now that I’ve shown you the mechanics behind ramp jumping, I’ll include some examples of ramp jumps in some of the stock maps for you to try out.


[Image: xoylent-ramp-1.final_1.png]

The ramp I showed as first example on Xoylent can also be used to get to the nex platform. It’s easier if you use the right corner of the ramp for this jump.

[Image: xoylent-ramp-2.final_.png]

At mega health you can do a double ramp jump up to crylink, the pipes serve as second ramp. Note that you don’t have to approach these ramps frontally as you can compensate the lower upwards boost by using the second ramp.

[Image: xoylent-ramp-3.final_.png]

One of the most tricky ramp jumps I’m going to show you here is the one from rocket launcher to mega health. This one is not possible to my knowledge to do with walking speed, so you’ll have to do a bunny hop onto the ramp. I always start between the rocket launcher’s spawn point and the wall behind it, start a bunny hop and usually hit the ramp at the right time then. You’ll have to experiment a bit and find the good starting point for you, then you can reproduce that jump and start to get a feeling how you can do it in-game on the fly, without stopping at your favorite starting point. When turning around after the ramp jump you can switch from the forward key to the appropriate strafe key in order to loose less speed, but it’s not required to perform that jump.


[Image: afterslime-mortar.final_.png]

On Afterslime you can walk up to the little barrel below mortar and jump just as you reach it, it will take you up to mortar. Those barrels can be a bit tricky if you use their center for jumping, it seems using the solid corners of the barrels works best for me. Approach the barrel frontally by walking, there is no need for a pre-jump.

[Image: afterslime-electro.final_.png]

From the stairs you can take a shortcut to the gangway where the electro is by using that fancy object over here. This can be quite useful if someone is expecting you to take the longer but more obvious way through the mortar room.

[Image: afterslime-strength.final_1.png]

The very same jump can be done from electro gangway up to the upper passageway near strength room. Using this jump enables you to avoid making suspicious noises by using the jump pad or the laser.

[Image: afterslime-mega-armor.final_.png]

A very nice trickjump is the one to mega armor. You can do this one on both sides of the mega armor room. Remember to use the solid corner of the barrel. Walk up to the barrel and jump as you reach it, keep jump button pressed and use the little ramp on the pillar for pushing you right up to the top of the pillar. This jump is very hard to do on the fly out of a bunny hop, as you’ll be probably approaching the first ramp too fast which will boost you up too much to use the second ramp properly, so walking speed is recommended here.


[Image: stormkeep-25armortunnel1.final_.png]

Stormkeep has a lot of easy ramp jumps, as stormkeep’s ramps are mostly long and therefore easy to bunny hop onto. The first one is a very easy one, you shouldn’t have any difficulties with doing that one.

[Image: stormkeep-25armortunnel2.final_.png]

Also the other side of the warpzone can be used as a ramp, you’ll need a bit more speed though to do this one, so gain some by a couple of pre-jumps.

[Image: stormkeep-megahealth.final_.png]

Probably the most useful jump on stormkeep. If you are too slow to make the jump directly to mega health from the little platform beside the stairs leading down there, head to the right and do a ramp jump up the stairs as shown here. No need to take the longer route via the small armor shards, which are placed so uniquely that any experienced player can tell EXACTLY where you are when you pick those up in a row and could intercept you before you reach the mega health.

[Image: stormkeep-warpzone.final_.png]

This is a nice way to get to the top of the warpzone without making any noise in order to surprise someone that you expect to come through the warpzone soon. You’ll need quite some speed, it’s recommended to start prejumps in the tunnel system where the small armor shards are (below Crylink).


[Image: runningman-crylink.final_.png]

On runningman, you can use the very tiny ramp at the edge of the floor to jump up to the higher level where crylink is placed. You’ll have to jump just before you bump into the wall in order to make it, it takes some practice but it is doable reliably once you figured it out.

[Image: runningman-megaarmor.final_.png]

You can bend the jump above so it takes you directly to the mega armor. However, this requires a lot of practice to reliably succeed. In-game I’d recommend to stick with the jump to crylink side and from there jump over to mega armor unless you know for sure you master the bended jump. I consider this jump the hardest one of all that I show you in this post.

[Image: runningman-hagar-double.final_.png]

The ledges at hagar also serve as ramps, you can use them for a double ramp jump from the lower level up to the higher one like this. Note that when you are doing this on the fly out of a bunny hop, you might even be able to skip the upper ramp jump as the first one will take you all the way up already if you have enough speed.

[Image: runningman-mortar.final_.png]

This jump up to mortar works most reliably for me when I walk up to the ramp and jump just before I touch it. It’s the easiest way to get get up there without having to traverse the very open space or making a laser jump (which makes noise).

I hope I succeeded in enabling some people to do stuff they hadn’t done before. Keep your eyes open for ramps and interesting jumps to do with them, as most mappers put some ramps at strategic places. Ramp jumping is a lot of fun and mastering this technique can give you a real advantage over other players – Practice and enjoy!

So long, the next issue of my newbie corner will cover weapon usage tips for a selected assortment of weapons, so stay tuned!

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  ZeroQL has released his fragmovie!
Posted by: CuBe0wL - 10-05-2012, 04:52 PM - Forum: Xonotic - News - No Replies

You know the drill:

[Image: Image11.jpg]

Discuss here:

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  Halogene's Newbie Corner - Part 2: Laser Jumping and Wall Lasering
Posted by: Antibody - 10-02-2012, 10:32 AM - Forum: Xonotic - News - Replies (22)

Heads up guys!
Halogene just released his article about basic Laser jumping!

Read it at !

[Image: newbie-corner-banner2-800x239.png]
[Image: lj400x2003.png]

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  Good bye
Posted by: tZork - 09-22-2012, 06:54 PM - Forum: Xonotic - News - Replies (40)

Im done, over fucked up, etc. have fun, good luck.

Jakob Markström Gröhn signing off.

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  Your Weekly Facebook Page Update
Posted by: CuBe0wL - 09-12-2012, 07:50 AM - Forum: Xonotic - News - Replies (1)

I just got the email from Facebook, referring to our page (

New Likes: 570
(The number of unique people who "like" our page. Whatever we post on our page will probably show up in their facebook main page. Aka "how many people are interested in our status updates).

Total likes: 1835 (+78,33% compared to last week)

Talking About This: 639 (+5225,0% compared to last week)
(Aka whenever somebody "likes" us or shares any of our pictures, writes something about us linking back to our page).

Weekly Total Reach: 113019 (+32946,5% compared to last week)
(Aka exactly how much people saw anything that happened on our Facebook timeline).

A small note: before Gronkh and Sarazar Let's Play Together, we reached 1000 followers in two years!

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