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[SOLVED] Good bye

Im done, over fucked up, etc. have fun, good luck.

Jakob Markström Gröhn signing off.


I seriously hope that your account got hacked, if this is legit i'm gonna be a sad panda.


Pls explain what happened.

See you.


what did you do that could be so horrible as to make you leave?



As usual, I'm not aware of the drama that happens back stage, only the outcome is visible to me. And what I see is a developer quitting that has contributed a huge amount of things to the game that provide fun and enjoyment to a lot of players. Seeing you go is a sad thing, and I do hope you come back some day. Until then, I wish you all the best and thank you for all your contributions! Heart
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What's going on?

To be honest its quite stunning that after the huge amount of work you just quit like this. Im bewildered.

I just want to say that I really appreciated what you did for the game and I was looking up to all your projects. And if you change your decision I am looking forward to see next ones.

Whatever you intend to do I wish you good luck, mate. In real life.

I don't think that's a proper way to part. I'm not saying you have to state reasons, but at least have the responsibility of not letting your projects for Xonotic die off. Be as transparent as you can about what you're leaving behind so that people can take it up if they feel like it. People like vehicles and overkill.

Its no drama, mistake or account hakk. The original post proly sounds to dramatic for what it is, i blame the whiskey for that Wink This is something i considered for a long time, tbh at the end of nexuiz i was fairly determined to take a break from this - that cunning plan did not really work out xD It has more to do with me then it has to do with Xonotic, simply put i let it take for to much of my time and i don't see a way to change that aside from stopping my involvement all together - at least for long enough to get the distance i need to be involved in a non manic way.

Id like to thank everyone in the community and my co-mania.. err developers for all the good times.

Vehicles are a part of vanilla Xonotic, anyone can set up a server for that.
There are already multiple overkill servers. Its also available tough the repos, just as all "my" other xono related projects.
However i disagree that i have some obligation to keep them alive, its not "my things", they belong to everyone. that is, after all, the whole point of open development. If they are interesting enough im sure someone will pick up the threads. if not, its abt time to let em die. I fail to see how im am nontransparent with it this, all the code and media is available to everyone.

Good luck in the future Tzork. Thanks for all that you've done for the game. I'm sorry to see you go. Heart

You have no obligation to keep working on your projects, sorry if I appeared to imply that. What I meant is that it would be silly to have someone make projects for vehicles or overkill if you're coming back in a week. That's what I felt wasn't clear enough in your original post.

Best wishes to you, and I hope you make the best of the time you freed!

I'm really sad to see you go though I hope you'll enjoy your time Smile
Finally its reallife which comes first.

Anyway I hope to see you around again somewhen.

It´s sad to see you go but it´s understandable why you did so. I wish the best for your further life! Goodbye!

Good luck and have fun.
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Sad to see you go tZork. Thanks for everything you did in the past and good luck in the future, with whatever you are planning to do!

It's a bit of a shock to see you leave, I hope you'll have a good time and return someday. Smile
Btw, I see people everywhere wondering where the MoN servers went. Please consider to put them back online - they are the home of a large part of Xonotic's playerbase.

Good luck :/

Shame that my favourite shooter is going bye bye (I rly played Xonotic only for Overkill mod).

Overkill still lives on some servers. Don't worry. I'm sure someone one continue vehicle and Overkill development while tZork is gone.

I expect tZork will return one day. Big Grin

Sorry to see you go tzork, Thanks for everything you've contributed.


It's sad to see such a good developer go, I do hope you get to come back at some point

Erm. Urgh.

I'm really sorry to hear that.
Huh, I hope there is a way to stay in touch.

--> pm
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I wish you well, tZork! Maybe sometime we can enjoy a nice homebrew together.
asyyy^ | are you releated to chuck norris?

It's always sad when anyone leaves a project. I hope you'll come back one day tZork!
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