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No textures

Hi there!

I just downloaded the NetRadiant and unpacked it.
Then I set the Game Path for Xonotic to the Installationpath.

But if I open the editor, there are no textures available, just some "Shader texture missing" - textures. Unfortunately, i don't know the reason for this behavior.

In the NetRadiant path for Xonotic ( there is a file named "default-shaderlist" (or like that). This file is empty! (Which isn't normal for the Radiant).

In the pk3-files of Xonotic, i found the directory "textures\" with many sub-folders. But just in a very few, there are textures in.

Ingame, the available maps have textures Wink

So my final question is:
Do I need a gamepack for Xonotic to map with Netradiant for it (And if yes, where can i download it) or can I just not just the original textures of the game and have to use my own?


User xonotic
Pass g-23

We still need to get that file to the mirrors...
BRLOGENSHFEGLE (core dumped)

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Thanks for this. Now I've textures =)
My "first" room is also finished.
But if I am going to compile
"Build -> Q3Map2 single BSP"
to check out the map, i got the following error:
"Line 396 is incomplete"
and the compilation stops Sad

Also i dont know for what i need the file "netradiant-1.5.0-20110819.tar.bz2" which was also in the file you sent to me. I used the data folder and unpacked it to the game folder and used the netradiant folder as editor, but which is the sense of this file (If I open it with 7z, it looks like the source of the NetRadiant?).
But the problem posted above is much more important.

I'm using WinXP.
Problem solved. I messed up with some origin textures Big Grin
Too bad i cannot run the game after compile Sad

Why can´t you run the game? What´s the problem?

naa, Net/Gtk-Radiant normally have the option to run the engine directly after the compile.
But it seems, that it doesnt work with Xonotic, as i get an error screen from the engine saying that some missing files wasnt found.
If i manuelly start the game, open the console and start my game, everything works fine.

That option indeed only works with Q3A. Ignore it.
BRLOGENSHFEGLE (core dumped)

The Bot Orchestra is back! | Xoylent Easter Egg | 5bots1piano
My music on Google Play and SoundCloud

As for the broken map file, likely you won't be able to open the .map again if you get such an error in q3map2. Can you send it to me so I can check?
BRLOGENSHFEGLE (core dumped)

The Bot Orchestra is back! | Xoylent Easter Egg | 5bots1piano
My music on Google Play and SoundCloud

Nono, the map file isnt broken, I fixed it.
And broken map files are no problem, if you open them with n++ and correct the errors Big Grin

The Start from Engine Option worked for jedi knight 2, the game i used to map before..

Hey cool! A Jedi Knight mapper! Big Grin (yeeees, I also mapped for JK)

Can someone update link to ?

Or maybe this is latest version?

Yes it is the latest version.
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Thank you.

Could it be possible to improve this wiki page
to help people before they encounter the issue ?

so, I'm running into a similar problem now. I have the folders, but most of them are empty (I know better, there are folders inside of them) but net radiant doesn't read those folders in folders for some reason

As requested by Mr. Bongo
That post is old but still works! Just change Xonotic 0.6 into Xonotic 0.7 I guess. Wink! Wink!

actually that link is borked
// nyov in disguise

Im so sorry for that, i copied it directly from the post and didn't notice that that was a short version of the link with (...) in it. I edited my post.
It should be ok now

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