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Xonotic Pro Mode

So as I understand it, there was a discussion earlier and really a lot of people are confused about what is going on with "XPM."

The name "XPM" was hijacked early on with the project by "Nexrun," which is essentially the physics set everyone uses for CTS (on CPM maps or such). I think this is very wrong, as "Xonotic Pro Mode" in that form has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with normal Xonotic gameplay. It is not based on the game itself, and thus it should not be called a pro-mode of it.

So here's what's happening: The old "XPM" mode must be renamed to something else (like, Xonrun or Nexrun again or something else, I don't care) and the XPM balance shall take over the name.

Additionally to clear up some confusion, these XPM settings DO NOT change the physics, and DO NOT change the weapon balance. What they do change is these things:
  • Disable projectile health/damage (so you can't blow up a rocket in someones face)
  • Disable newtonian projectile physics (so player speed does not affect the projectile speed, making things like midair shots much more precise and predictable)
  • Limit some of the health and armor pickups to only 100, placing more emphasis on megas (creates more strategy for dueling)

XPM essentially has settings which competitive players want, but cannot EVER be in the default balance. Additionally, the weapons will not ever differ from default, and i'll try to keep the health/armor balance as similar as possible.

"xon" as a prefix annoys me, we should just use x

EDIT: or t :-^

So, trun it is?
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Xrun works for me, seems like something from Xlib though but sure.

X-run (or ex-run) sounds pretty bad from where I stand.
What about:
XPM for racing, as it was previously.
XPMA for new mode (as in quake) or XP-Dm, XP-Ctf <- sth like this?

XPM settings for ctf? That would NOT work, ctf without tanking isn't fun Tongue

X-run is fine for me though.

I think he means the XPM physics as they are used on the race server. Wink

Make these XPM physics default for CTS? Problem solved.

Also you forgot to mention that there is a slightly longer weapon switch delay Smile

Xonotic pro mode y'all!
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Put the X at the end of the word - RunX or possibly RunT.

You're incorrect kojn, the switch delays are identical between the two balances-- the longer switch delay is now by default since several weeks ago

Again, no differences with the weapons specifically.



trun boy trun


Whatever the name picked, it'd be great if the CTS server using the XPM physics would adopt it as soon as possible, atm it probably creates a bit of confusion Sad

I stand with mirio.
bye / bad luck and have boredom

So, any news on this? The CTS-XPM server is creating confusion and it gets annoying to have to explain that it's not related to the xpm settings that are used on duel servers, especially now that more people are trying out the game. It would be nice to figure this out so the CTS server admin can be contacted to make the change in the server name.

To avoid confusion I have renamed the hostname and deleted the 'xpm' part.

But if the game mode cts gets its own name again, please do not set it to Nexrun.
I dont like the prefix Nex for gamemodes; otherwise I am fine with every name.
I also think Nexball should be renamed...

I kind of agree we should make CTS use the "XonRun" physics by default, even if this solution would be horribly inconsistent the way we do things now (no gamemode-specific physics settings exist yet). Just about every CTS server that has ever existed used these physics, the defaults just aren't competitive enough for a heavily movement based gamemode.

It also seems that nobody wants to play DM/CTF/TDM etc with the "XonRun" physics, so it would only make sense to encourage CTS servers to use "XonRun" physics and non-CTS servers to use default physics.

The best way that I could think of how to do this is encouraging CTS mappers to execute the XonRun physics scripts in their mapinfos, I think the goal should really be for server admins to have it as easy as possible to set up a server that people will actually play on...

Another idea now that we have CSQC players would be to let the client decide which physics set to use - I would think both are already quite well balanced even against each other. This is of course a completely separate problem and is probably not very trivial to do, but would be an interesting experiment nevertheless, and something to consider here. Wink
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