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New Crylink model in progress

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theShadow was so kind giving me his start of a new Crylink weapon model. I cleaned it up a bit and made some minor changes so far:


The dark blue part will rotate (or rotate faster?) when you shoot.

Still far from being done, but I really like the overall shape theShadow made!

I like the idea with the rotating part, it somehow reminds me of some gun from Half-Life. Wink

There are some things which really need to be improved: The resultion of the entire mesh needs to be higher to get rid of that angled look and please, change the muzzle into something different/ bigger. At the moment it just looks like a water pistol.

BTW I figured out a really good way to make the wires in blender

basically, make a path (add/cuve/path) and set it up to the shape you want, and make the origin of the path it's starting point. Then add a cylinder and put it at the same place as the origin of the path. Then add a curve modifier to the cylinder, enable "use modifier in edit mode" and start extruding the cylinder in a straight line. the modifier will make it follow the path. It's great because you can make changes very very easily. (just change the path, the mesh will follow. )
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theShadow,that method is fantastic!!!

About the crylink: hoof... I was afraid you were changing the overall look of it. It is very good, and recreates the original model well.
[Image: 0_e8735_c58a251e_orig]

Wow, I think this could become really a good replacement. I like that you stayed true to the somewhat unique design of the current crylink. As for the muzzle maybe there could be 5 electrodes on thin needles that would be used for emitting the particles? Something like that, indeed one thin cylinder does not fit well to the firing mode. But I absolutely like the more compact design that resembles a piece of fine engineering rather than something organic.
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Yes, that's a nice result, quite faithful to the original. I saw the crylink model as the one model that would stay the same forever (I think it hasn't changed since the beginning?), but this looks to me like a good candidate for replacement. Good job so far!

@poVoq: Is the model available to download anywhere? Maybe via git or something else? I´d like to try out some things.

(06-13-2013, 02:35 PM)Maddin Wrote: @poVoq: Is the model available to download anywhere? Maybe via git or something else? I´d like to try out some things.

Here you go:

.zip (Size: 50.35 KB / Downloads: 8)

As said previously, most of the praise goes to theShadow for this.

Good job! I like how it looks like the original Crylink but more modernized. Smile

The handle doesn't look very ergonomic. I don't think carpal tunnel is supposed to be an occupational hazard for gladiators.

Very nice! Though you might have problems later with the animations, as I heard. But that might be untrue now.
[Image: 561.png]
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Oh wait.


I like the fact that seems to have a space for holding it with the other hand!

But.. The cannon is going to be that thin?

Greetings Big Grin
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For the muzzle, I was originally thinking something like this:
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(06-15-2013, 06:27 PM)theShadow Wrote: For the muzzle, I was originally be something like this:

Oh, yeah! This makes much more sense to me Big Grin
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I pronounce it Shonotic.

Hmm, yes that would be an option too. For now I simply extended the inner parts to form the muzzle as that seemed like the most "physically" correct way of doing it (besides it being similar to the original model, which also has a small cylindrical muzzle).
But I am open to other ways of doing it.
However as the muzzle will not be really visible from first person view, and in all other views is a very tiny detail only, I am not really in favor of making it too complex.

Well, I had originally left it blank, because I assumed that the "muzzle" would simply be part of the texture.

btw I talked with samual some about the design, and he wants me to redo the back part to make it a bit less organic. If you want to take a stab at it, that's fine. Or if you could upload the .blend with your changes, that would be swell.
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Above is a .obj with the changes that can be easily imported into Blender (I work with Wings3D mostly, that is why I didn't continue with the .blend).
Didn't really progress with it beyond what I posted, so if you want to give it a go again I would by no means stand in your way. However, at least to me the back does not look very organic at all (rather like a plastic weapon body).

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