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Hello Xonotic

Hello every one, first Good job to all the community to allow us, by your nice work, to play a good free (and mostly open-source) FPS game.

I think open-source is one of the best Concept (for learning, creating and using great program), and it's eternal Voluntary work will be, as long humanity exist, usefull to someone, so once again good job every one.

I have discover this game a few time ago and it's "The" open-source Quake-like game for me. it's why i'm happy to join this community to have fun and try to help to the development with my humble capacity. Smile

about me and on what i can (if i got enough time) do for help:
-i'm not a professional, but i have for hobby: modeling and animating.
-i'm actually student in physics, it's why i have not so much free time, but i will glad, if i can, to help you on a problem about physics engine! (at present i'm good on python and have basis of C/C++ but i will learn this langage anyway)
-Finaly i'm french, so sorry for possible mistake (don't hesitate to show me my mistake to help me to learn how to speak a noble english Big Grin), but i have a good understanding so maybe i can help on some translation to french.

I have already looking on what i can do for now and i think i will try to do some props.

See you soon here and in the game. Have fun and Good job again!

Welcome :)
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Hello and welcome Smile

Nice to see another frenchie Big Grin
If you wish to help on french translations, you can request to join the French translation team on Transifex :

Have fun and maybe cya in game ! :p

Hello and welcome to Xonotic rashintawak!

Seems like you are a really nice person! Smile

If you have any questions related to maps, level-design, environmental art (like props/models) I´m eagre to help you if I can. Big Grin

Good luck and have fun!

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Hi and welcome! Xonotic is entirely open source, btw :o)
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Free softwate ftw, indeed!

Welcome. Smile

Hello! Xonotic could use new modeler with fresh ideas! Mabye you do mapping too? Have fun!

Thanks all for this welcoming!

spike : i will do a request.

Maddin : thank for this proposal and you can already help me: do you have a link with limit polygon and other constraint for model and props in Xonotic? And if you got some idea of prop, which is needed, to start with i will take it. ^^

Justin : i have some basis on hammer and i have try NetRadiant but i will need to learn how to use it (not exactly like hammer)

Speaking out of experience I can´t remember any limits engine-wise. Speak with one of the main developers like divVerent, Samual, etc... they definitely know the engine better than me. But I there is for sure a limitation of .md3 models, I once heard that one model shouldn´t have more than 512 polygons... well, I recommend using .obj models for static props then you won´t have any limitations. Just be sure that you export your models triangulated.
The only limitation you should keep in mind is the general count polygons. As always less is better. A good measure for e.g. a crate of half the player size is about 100-200 polygons. To be honest it´s hard to set a limit, simply create your model and test it in a map (or let others test it) and see whether performance is acceptable.


For static ("map") models, polygon count is almost irrelevant, as long as you don't go totally nuts - the main factor with those is mapper dependent (baked map models are in many ways similar to detail brushes). The md3 limitation is 512 units in size iirc, not polycount; tough im sure it has a limit for that too but im also sure its alot higher than that.

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