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Competitive Xonotic promode (XPM2) physics

So here's my proposal for the new competitive physics:

I used XDF (defrag) as a base and mixed in various values from default Xonotic physics. The purpose of these physics is to bring back the long lost depth of movement to the competitive ruleset of Xonotic, to encourage competitive players to learn the beauty of the movement and use it to their advantage in game more. My inner motive is to get a sturdier playerbase that can handle their footwork in the field, provide challenge in more than the defensive and pacman style spectrum. I also hope this would appeal to defraggers a bit more as well Smile

Notable differences from default Xon or XDF:
  • Forward acceleration (pressing forward without turning) decreased.
  • You have to steer and turn, using A/D+W strafe jumping technique or just A/D to gain speed, quite similar to XDF.
  • Strafe speed cap removed, can now accelerate above 900ups
  • No double jumps (XDF), cuz stair gliding is a thing in vanilla
  • Tiny bit more air control

If you're the type of person who gets their speed from blaster/crylink/rocket jumps, then there really isn't much difference other than you now also have the option to reach those same speeds damage-free with advanced techniques or even combine the both for more overall speed.

These physics don't have to be on public/casual servers, I primarily propose it for competitive pickup/duel servers.

If server admins would be willing to test these out and provide feedback/opinions from games, that'd be very helpful Smile

Lastly for those who have missed what strafe jumping is entirely, here's an old strafe jumping tutorial by Hero:

Well, as a player in most gamemodes, I have to say that the Xonotic Defrag physics feel way better than the default Xonotic physics, so this is surely a step into the right direction. I just tried it on stormkeep and it feels very fluent overall. It feels that these physics make for a nice balance - it adds some additional speed to the game without making +back playing impossible Big Grin
tl;dr: Should be good for everyone, so try it out guys.

Sounds interesting. If I manage I will put it on DCC Pickup tonight. Awesome music in that tutorial btw Xo)
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You can now enable Smilecythe's physics settings by voting for xpm2_on on DCC Pickup (

(also fixed CA I think)
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#SmileforPhysicsCreator 2016, to be honest I dislike Xonotic vanilla physics. It just doesn't feel right.

Hmm, seems like I am the only one liking the current default physics more than this. Smilecythe's approach is good nonetheless, but for me it feels more natural that you have to press the forward key to gain more speed in that same direction than pressing the strafe keys to gain speed forward...

Maddin, what is the problem with that? Most games like Quake and Reflex have something like that.

Being a player that has never played Quake regardless of what version, I have to say that the peculiarities derived from originally unintended physics side-effects (as I understood) indeed feel totally weird at first. On the other hand I have started to learn advanced movement techniques and have to admit that I actually agree that they add depth to the gameplay. While I am still far away from decent strafe jumping and my circle jump just won't let me get to Mega Armor even from the 25 h packs on hub, I can feel the depth in movement techniques and simply adore the super fluent feel that pro players' movement shows. I think encouraging more players to try to get there by making the techniques more rewarding is a good thing to do.
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(06-03-2016, 02:12 PM)Maddin Wrote: Hmm, seems like I am the only one liking the current default physics more than this. Smilecythe's approach is good nonetheless, but for me it feels more natural that you have to press the forward key to gain more speed in that same direction than pressing the strafe keys to gain speed forward...
No no, you're not pressing strafe keys to gain speed forward. You're pressing strafe keys to steer diagonally and it's from that steering where you gain speed Smile

This adds more depth than simple forward acceleration, because you can't strafe jump perfectly. Nobody can, except bots. It's all about who can execute the technique better within the space in front of them. If you put two guys strafe jumping side by side, one of them will always execute the steering better than the next guy. Put two forward moving guys instead and there will be no be difference in how the players utilize the space in front of them.

You can btw use forward to steer and gain speed as well, you could for example use forward key to do the circle jumps, that's fine. But you'd have to be swinging your mouse at odd angles to gain more speed afterwards, so it's not really practical for all uses. The acceleration mechanics don't really care what keys you're pressing or which way you're swinging the mouse as long as the combination of the two gives you the proper steer (it's possible do it without mouse as well). A/D+W is the most popular style, because you're seeing in front of you while you're doing it. I recommend practicing with your speedometer on and get a feel to the steering. That's arguably how everyone else has done it pretty much. There's no shortcuts though, just practice Smile

I wish you well with the new stuff.

You can always post a vid you playing with those physics, dno can anyone see any difference though. Probably not from other PoV.

So I was trying to practice this set of physics, using the map 4and in this video:

However, I'm missing all textures. Is there some pk3 texture file that you guys use for common maps?

1. Do you have a broken pk3 file? 2. Where did you get the file from? If not, you can get it from here.

Already noted on IRC what he may need for this, but will repeat here for other people with the same problem:

If you're using Xonotic Git, you'll need to clone the nexcompat repo, it can be done with this command from the xonotic folder:
touch data/xonotic-nexcompat.pk3dir.yes && ./all update

Releases come with the package, so it shouldn't be an issue for most.
[Image: 230.png]

Beagle, that's the file I got. It uses the textures not in the git version.

Mario, thanks, that did it.

Smilecythe, this setting motivates me to learn new movement. I like it. Thanks a lot.

There's an issue in these physics which also applies to default Xonotic physics. There seems to be different values of air control between +forward turning and +back turning. You can test this with both default and xpm2 physics, turning in air backwards is significantly wonkier than it's forwards counter part. I've managed to make them equally wonky, but not equally aircontrol-ish(?).. I've no idea what's up. If anyone knows an appropriate cocktail of cvars to make them equal, gimme a bump. It's an issue that I wanna fix.

I haven't tried this yet but it sounds really nice. I'd like to try it on someones server and see what devs think about it for a pro balance
[Image: 38443.png]

Updated the config with:

(09-26-2016, 05:26 AM)Mario Wrote: I've added an option to the physics configs (sv_aircontrol_backwards, off by default) to allow it.

This doesn't work in older builds of the game though I presume. Not sure if it fixes backwards aircontrol because I don't have immediate ways to test it. Hope it does.

New link here and in the OP:

For the record, it's enabled on /v/ Xonotic Server (NA Pacific, 0.8.2), on XPM CTF automatically. (Because a lot of CTF maps are big, and its common to hit the strafe/speed cap)
And voteable for game modes with (XPM).
+smile-physics //enable
-smile-physics //disable

With this physics set, is it possible to do the strafe into the two-destination teleporter on Aerowalk?  W+D into teleporter + turn right with mouse didn't get me onto the high ground like it does in QW or like it does under default Xon physics.  Also, certain ramp jumps (like megahealth to center on Boil) become a lot harder with this physics set.

EDIT: Also, the link in the OP is down.  Any way to run these without playing on a server that already has it?

You might be interested in this thread:

I am not completely sure it's related but since it's dated later than this one maybe it's the successor? OTOH, this one calls it XMP2 and the other one CIX+vodka so not sure.
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CIX is a different physics set; The [HUB]Kansas server has both.  This one has Quake 3-style strafejumping with air control; CIX is QW style where you gain speed by carving A/D turns back and forth.
(At any rate, I was able to find a copy of this one's CVARs in a different thread.  For those who want to copy it: )
    g_mod_physics XPM2

    // Mixture of XDF and XPM, no double jumps.
    // Strafe speed cap removed
    // Decreased acceleration for forward-only movement

    sv_gravity 800
    sv_maxspeed 360
    sv_maxairspeed 360
    sv_stopspeed 100
    sv_accelerate 15
    sv_airaccelerate 1
    sv_friction 5.8
    edgefriction 1
    sv_stepheight 31
    sv_jumpvelocity 260
    sv_wateraccelerate 10
    sv_waterfriction 0
    sv_airaccel_sideways_friction 0
    sv_airaccel_qw 0.95
    sv_airaccel_qw_stretchfactor 0
    sv_airstopaccelerate 2.5
    sv_airstrafeaccelerate 70
    sv_maxairstrafespeed 30
    sv_airstrafeaccel_qw 1
    sv_aircontrol 150
    sv_aircontrol_penalty 0
    sv_aircontrol_power 2
    sv_aircontrol_backwards 1
    sv_airspeedlimit_nonqw 0
    sv_warsowbunny_turnaccel 0
    sv_warsowbunny_accel 0.1593
    sv_warsowbunny_topspeed 925
    sv_warsowbunny_backtosideratio 0.8
    sv_friction_on_land 0
    sv_friction_slick 0.5
    sv_doublejump 0
    sv_jumpspeedcap_min 0
    sv_jumpspeedcap_max 0.5
    sv_jumpspeedcap_max_disable_on_ramps 1
    g_teleport_maxspeed 3000

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