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[WIP MAP] Sunset

Did some minor changes here and there. Optimised bot performance...

There we go:

UPDATED VERSION: sunset_v4.pk3

IMPORTANT NOTE: If everybody thinks that the layout and item-placement is good as it is then I will go on with adding the visual stuff. Otherwise, please tell me what needs to be changed! It´s the last chance now that I can work on the layout, after the visuals have been added this won´t be possible!

Open the zip and the pictures' names should be in a descending order... Start with the one at the top and move down.

Picture no.1:

Is this see-through wall thingy necessary in the map? I'm not sure why mappers include them.


Could you make the metal ramps a little longer, it's too easy to fall off them.


Maybe move the jump pad a little bit further back, it's far too close to the platform.


The ramps are too steep and it's too easy to fly over the armour when you reach high speeds.


You could just use the laser, but would you consider adding a jump pad here?


Whenever I go through the teleporter, I end up to the right of the health.


Maybe add a slope here instead of a step?


Again, the ramp is too steep and I almost always fly over the hagar.

Attached Files
.zip (Size: 2.78 MB / Downloads: 4)

1) So that everybody knows that there is a warpzone. Kind of a debugging thing or call it as you wish. You won´t see it ingame anyway (if you have enabled blocking in spectating mode).

2) It´s pretty easy to jump here maybe you should fix your movement? Tongue Anyway it´s supposed to be an easy trickjump, as soon as you know how to do it you´ll never fall off again.

3) Ok, no problem, will do that.

4) Yes, I know this problem. But when I add the visuals there will be steps and ramps in one of each those ways so it´ll automatically be fixed.

5) No, there won´t be a jumppad as there are already two who lead you to this area. It´s also very easy to just jump to it, no need to use the laser here.

6) Uhm yes, that´s the purpose of a teleporter... to teleport you to one specific point. What´s wrong with it?

7) Is only difficult to implement in this position. Also a basic trickjump makes it easier to pass this step.

8) same as 4.


Thanks for the reply rocknroll237!

I want to hear even more people commenting the map´s layout! Smile

Quote: Uhm yes, that´s the purpose of a teleporter... to teleport you to one specific point. What´s wrong with it?

I meant that it would be nice to land directly on top of the health pickup instead of landing just to the right of it...

Quote:So that everybody knows that there is a warpzone.

I didn't releaise that that was a warp zone... Wikipedia tells me that a Warp Zone is a "method of (somewhat) seamlessly connecting two parts of a level that are not normally connected."

Also, you do see the warpzone, but only when you have reflections set to anything below 'sharp' in the settings menu.

(07-09-2012, 10:52 AM)Mr. Bougo Wrote: Guides should insist on this. I don't think these mappers know how the engine works with pk3 files... :|

They get loaded from a-z so if you edit some of the default textures, to put them in-game it has to be higher than x (y and z for any noobs reading)

And i gonna test map now
Edit: Tested a bit vs bots and i would have said the same as rocknroll without mentioning 1 5 and 7
[Image: steam.gif]


Ok, maybe, instead of a jumppad the two upper parts should be connected via a kind of bridge. I mean, directly connected that there is a smoother transition between them. What do think?

Sounds good.

A thing I also had in mind with this idea was to make the area less "open" as it is possible look from one end to the other of the map. Although there is no Nex this may be more balancing in games...

Are you going to change the location of the health so you land directly on top of it when you go through the teleporter?

Yes, did so.

Here is the updated version:


Found an issue in this version, Maddin. Near the mega armor area there is some kind of chink when you fall into it you go down from the top of the level to its button, fix it pls Smile I like the way you connected platforms on the highest floor. Can't wait to see visuals!
Also: Have you been considering adding trickjumps we were talking about? That would be awesome.

Quote:Maybe move the jump pad a little bit further back, it's far too close to the platform.

I know you're going to lower the ramps a bit when you add visuals, but you haven't implemented this yet... Smile

I like the new bridge and I think it's going to be a good map!

just played a full out duel against a smoke clan member on this map
l lost ... but not terribly

anyways ... I see that you fixed the corner i was talking about ... over all the map plays great .. the only issue I can find is that some of the jump pads are on the small side ...

note :: from my observations ... I found the crylink to be the most useful weapon for this map ... other people may have had different experiences

I think the flow of the map is very good, but it could be a lot better. I noticed in some certain places you have certain elements of the environment that are open up for possibilities of tricking, however I feel like the quantity of certain parts of the map where tricking is possible is really low, I would suggest adding some more detail into the map so that tricking becomes a lot more possible and the map has a higher skill ceiling in terms of movement. Some suggestions for tricking options would be small little ledges in certain areas that allow you to get to one area from a different direction, an example of this would be the ledge area near the jump-pad at rocket launcher on Dreadful Place. You've got three routes to reach that balcony.

An example as to how to implement something like this into the map would be two ledges near the teleporter exit on the wall that you face as you exit (One on the wall, one on the pillar), jumping on these will give you a faster route to the mega armor. Another area where I feel like a ledge to spice things up would be near the teleporter entrance, one on the outside part of the pillar(s) that can be used by players to jump up to the jump-pad.

On the topic of movement, I would also suggest smartly replacing some ramps with steps instead - My reasoning for this is that I feel like players movement on the map is being dumbed down due to the nature of physics in the game. When ever a player jumps into the central area of a ramp with 600 qu/s, he would most likely drop down to 400 or 500 qu/s, and it really kills the flow in the map for me. You can fly around the map, but you can't fly around as fast as you should be able to. Replacing them with steps (That have ramps on the side) would probably be a better choice in my opinion.

Yo, any updates for this one?

No, not yet. I already started with the visual stuff detail thingy blablablub ( Tongue ) but hadn´t any time to implement it in a playable version. Next week my vacations end and then I won´t have much time to do anything in my freetime. I see what I can do though...

at least could you tell us what texture pack your going to use ?

(cuase I'm dying of curiosity)


(08-07-2012, 10:45 AM)hutty Wrote: at least could you tell us what texture pack your going to use ?

(cuase I'm dying of curiosity)

You forgot the dots bro Tongue
[Image: 4766.png]
[My personal website: AquaNova ] - <> - [Ingame: <PsyX> :::: <-Archer-< :::: ]

>.< ... theres a dot ...


Maddin: Did you drop this map or what? Remember how I promised that I will make some tricks for a movie on your map as far as you finish visuals?

I stopped for NOW, doesn´t mean I give it up completely. I am only a human, having a so called real life. Tongue

real life? you mean like beyond the firewall...? ;-) (sorry, I just had to ;-D )
My contributions to Xonotic: talking in the forum, talking some more, talking a bit in the irc, talking in the forum again, XSkie

So.. bots are human too? hmmm xD As for the map, you really need to get at least some different floor texture in there, its just to much of the same, visually speaking (and i don't mean for prettiness, but for the sake of navigation / location awareness).

Guys and girls, there are some bad news: I had a pretty decent design for this map and it was already half done but accidentally I overwrote my USB device (wanted to create a bootable Linux OS again, though not on this one...) where all my security backups and also the map were stored. It´s just a big f***-up. Sad

I have my doubts whether to start again designing it as the layout doesn´t seem to be the best one, at least that´s what I think.

A completely new map is in my pipeline though...

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