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[SUGGESTION] Share your opinions only on weapon balance!

Laser/Shotgun: Being merged, so I don't need to comment on these yet.

Melee: Get rid of it.

Crylink: Seems fine in duels but is perhaps a bit too strong in CTF with the pull effect.

Electro: I used to hate it, but now I enjoy using it. I still think that it could have either the combo damage lowered a bit or make the balls come out a tad slower on secondary.

Machine Gun: A very strong gun, but inconsistent. Will be replaced with Arc Cannon... so it doesn't really matter.

HAGAR: Very strong weapon that is hard to handle. I have a hatred for this weapon, so my suggestion is to nerf its damage unless the user is moving greater than 55 kph. Wink

Rocket Launcher: Excellent the way it is.

Mortar: Seems alright the way it is now.

Nex: Keep the charge and lower the max damage to 80.

Rifle: useless.

HLAC: I refuse to even have a weapon bind for this gun. Get rid of it.

I don't really think hutty gonna agree with the HLAC being removed. Wink

Laser: Great, maybe make the projectile speed a bit slower.

SG: Perfect, not too OP but still not as weak as Quake's MG.

MG: My favorite gun, very powerful if you got good aim, excellent finishing weapon.

Crylink: Secondary ammo consumption may be lowered to 1 or 2. Also lower the negative pull on primary.

Electro: Excellent, might be the most balanced wep in my opinion.

Hagar: May be a little more powerful with more spread.

Mortar: Very balanced, may raise the timer after bounce to 1 instead of 0.5.

RL: Great balance, not too fast like Quake's RL but still useful due to the guiding and detonating.

Nex: Charge is fine, just lower the damage to 80 when it's charged.

Merge together HLAC/crylink
secondary could be non-bouncy rapid fire?

Shotgun- fish-slapping doesnt fit with a close range weapon. Shot should be more powerfull at close range.
Laser-no problems. All fine.
MG- Unbalanced, underpowered. Hope LG will solve the problems.
Mortar- fine
Electro- Not bad. Primary should be a LITL more powerfull. Combo should be less powerfull.
Crylink- Very good. Somethng should be done with secondary. Aybee decrease ammo consumption.
HLAC- too much similar to hagar, but more powerful.
NEX- should be less powerful at close range.
Rifle- Should be quicker firing to compete with Nex.
Hagar- Underpowered.
RL- V.G. perfect.
TAGseeker- Nderpowered. Should be more useful. Maybee only against vehicals.
Tuba- wata hell is that?
[Image: 0_e8735_c58a251e_orig]

MG: Underbalanced weapon due to its reload mechanic, however without the reload mechanic it would just eat up ammunition. Perhaps to remedy this; after 10 seconds of not being used it reloads its self.
Mortar: Perfect in my honest opinion.
Electro: Max damage seems a bit too much in my opinion, its a weapon that can easily be abused. Max damage of the combo should be 120 rather than 180.
Crylink: Secondary doesn't get much use and its primary is very OP. You can easily harness frags on a map like Ateliar just running with the Crylink and Mortar inbetween Quad and Mega Health. Perhaps replace the primary with a faster, smaller iteration of its secondary and make the secondary an shaft beam - Think of UT2k4s Link gun.
HLAC: Personally I think this gun is useless and could be removed and no one would miss it. It's secondary fire has an awkward charge up time which makes it inconvenient to use.
Nex: Love the weapon, however I feel like the charge up should eat more ammo.
Rifle: The secondary fire doesn't make any sense.
Hagar: Increase the projectile speed perhaps.
Rocket Launcher: I think its pretty perfect, however I would like to experiment and see what it is like if the splash damage was increased by 10-22%.

Any more opinions? Noobs are welcome to speak too. Tongue

Shotgun: I feel that this weapon is good, a very good and fun close range weapon.

Laser: Also good, love wall jumping with this. Would also like for it's projectile fire to match the color of the player or team depending on game mode.

MG: Yeah this weapon in its current form needs to go. Instead of totally removing it I would prefer it being reincarnated as a chain gun. It could serve a the purpose of a heavy suppression weapon.

Mortar: Fine the way it is, been juggling some people with it and that's fun Big Grin

Electro: Hard to hit the three electro balls when not moving so fast, maybe make that a little easier.

Crylink: Primary is good, secondary could either use some more projectile speed or have the same ability as the primary to where it slows people down when hit.

HLAC: would like to have this gun replace the Hagar as I prefer it personally over it and both arguably have the same function. Just give the HLAC the same secondary as the hagar but with lasers.

Nex: Agree with other people that higher charge should consume more ammo, otherwise its good.

Rifle: Primary should be a tad more powerful with the secondary having a burst mode like the mg secondary but modified appropriately.

Hagar: Replace with HLAC

Rocket launcher: Good

(09-03-2012, 08:33 AM)rocknroll237 Wrote: Any more opinions? Noobs are welcome to speak too. Tongue
Yahay!I wait for that!Im not so very expirienced in xonotic , but try to say my opinion at that moment.
Laser: awesome thing imo
SG: prety good weapon, with that thing you are not so defenceless like with MG in quake.
Mortar: fine, maybe need more dmg for direct hit, and 2-3 bonces for alt fire.
Electro: fine for me
Crylink: agree with other guys, secondary is sucks.
Nex: fine, no need to change anything
RL: hardest weapon for me in xonotic, but in good hands it probably daedly thing, i think +10%-15% to splash damage will be useful for noobs (for self kills ofc).
Hagar: looks nice, maybe +15%-20% to direct hit and -15% to fire speed.

Yo, keep those ideas flowing.

I'm hoping to make something of this feedback soon.

Hagar/crylink should be merged to balance the crylink so we have 2 cell ammo 2 new ammo and 2 HE ammo weapons.

Anyone else care to share their opinions?

Laser: Works fine. Nothing to change here, though I´m still waiting for Samual to replace it with the new Blaster thingy.
Shotgun: Primary is good balanced and is useful as a starting weapon. Secondary (slap) seems too random, I rarely hit something with it.
Machinegun: The primary is fine as it is but the secondary seems, again, a bit useless. I would prefer the secondary shot Nexuiz GPL had.
Mortar: Nothing to add. Perfect as it is.
Rocketlauncher: Somehow the Rocketlauncher doesn´t feel how it should be. I still have the impression that it has some kind of delay and that it doesn´t shoot when I want it to and where.
Nex: The max damage should be reduced slightly from 90 to 85 or even 80.
Crylink: Primary should have a bit less pull back. New secondary is great, maybe could deal a bit (!) more damage.
Hagar: Is ok, maybe reduce the overall damage a little bit and raise the splash radius.
Sniper Rifle: Is useless, as it doesn´t fit the style of Xonotic and is completely unbalanced concerning damage. Headshots are way off in Xonotic imo. Simply remove this weapon.
HLAC: Don´t know what to say about this weapon. Is a bit strange to handle especially the secondary fire mode and its big refire time.
Electro: Good weapon, everything works with it. Though I´m sad that the combo splash radius has been reduced THAT much. Should be a little bigger than now and it´d be fine.

I am of the same opinion of the rocket launcher maddin. I find it ridiculously hard to hit with it near close/medium range without bending the shots, feels as though as its due to some delay, I think its the starting acceleration.
[Image: 542.png]

#deathmatchers @

Yes maybe increasing the starting acceleration for the RL a bit would be a good thing.


(10-20-2012, 02:18 PM)rocknroll237 Wrote: Thanks guys. I JUST NEED 1 MORE OPINION!

Nerf tuba.

So what is gonna happen now?

Very funny you guys.

Well, all I do is make an nice conclusion. If I find that the majority of people find that one or two weapons need major changes, I might get someone to fiddle with the weapon cvars and make a test server.

Well you can do test tiny-small changes but bigger ones will effect the whole balance and therefore can hardly be tested on their own. So you will probably end up doing your own balance set like FrutieX and Lee_Stricklin did before 0.1. Don't expect to spread happiness with that.

Still, it's worth a try.

Do it. I´m looking forward to see the result of all these opinions. Smile

1: remove hagar
2: improve crylink
3: enjoy perfect ammo system symmetry.

Well but please don't call it "community balance set" or something like that. When I posted my suggestions here I wasn't informed that you gonna use it like that. Another balance war is the worst thing that could happen to Xonotic at the moment and I rather support Samual on his ideas even though I don't fully agree with him on everything. Xonotic needs a (more or less, excluding tiny changes) finalized weapon balance so it can move on to the next level of development. Just my 2 cents..

I totally agree with Asyyy! I have made several configs for fun, and to be honest, it's not that easy to make it as balanced as the current one, altought I'm not saying the current is 100 % perfect ofc.

Quote:altought I'm not saying the current is 100 % perfect ofc.

Which is the reason as to why I made this thread, so that we can see why people believe it isn't 100% perfect.

Don't worry asyyy, I'm just going to make a big conclusion with everyone's ideas in.

If I discover most people really dislike something (like the power of the shotgun, for example), then I will talk to one of the devs...

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